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Collective Impact Funds

Collective Impact Funds croppedThe Collective Impact Funds are a collective giving initiative where like-minded donors can leverage their charitable dollars to make a larger impact on the community. These funds  strategically shape the path of our community today and to position us for a stronger tomorrow. Begin your journey by exploring our Quality of Life Framework  for our regional community. As you identify the areas that you’re most passionate about, the Community Foundation can help guide you to the opportunities that meet your philanthropic goals.

The Collective Impact Funds are different from individual giving options because they:

  • Group gifts from donors who are interested in making an impact in a shared area of interest.
  • Are entrusted to the staff, Board of Directors and appointed committees of the Community Foundation for evaluating needs and administering the grant making process.

How Can I Help Today?

The Collective Impact Funds offer a path to connect with immediate projects and initiatives within broad areas of interest. These categories and existing funds form a Quality of Life Framework for our community. As a result of your investment, you can move the needle on key community Vital Signs.
    • Basic Needs
    • Health and Wellness
    • Education
    • Lifestyle
    • Economy
    • Environment
    • Emergency Relief
    • Neighborhoods and Community
  • CLICK HERE for more information about funds that Help Today.
  • How Can I Shape Tomorrow?

    The Collective Impact Funds use the power of endowment to create permanent, self-sustaining sources of funding for the community. Endowed gifts to the Collective Impact Funds provide a permanent source of funding for long-range projects that address systemic issues in the community.

  • Endowed funds attract donors who:

    • Believe in the power of collective giving
    • Understand that our community‚Äôs needs continue to evolve
    • Want to leave a personal legacy in the form of a perpetual source of philanthropic capital
    • Trust the Community Foundation and its appointed committees to establish strategic partnerships and administer grant making programs to achieve meaningful results.
  • CLICK HERE for more information about funds that help Shape Tomorrow.
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