• We Believe

    that we live in a great community.

  • We Believe

    that this community has the resources to
    address our most pressing problems.

  • We Believe

    that when we invest in quality of life,
    that investment benefits all of us.

  • We Believe

    that together we can accomplish more than any company,
    organization, or person can alone.

  • We Believe

    that this community has that when we invest in our nonprofit community,
    that investment can reap huge dividends.

  • We Believe

    that when we take the time to talk to one another,
    we can more quickly develop solutions.

Our Vision...

is to be the trusted leader in mobilizing generosity.

Build Your Legacy

Take steps today to make an impact tomorrow.

How it works

Our Journey

“People who love our community coming together to bring light to a situation, to collaborate, to create a solution to a systemic problem – that’s the power of the Community Foundation.”
Melissa Thompson

Our Donors

Journeys in giving can start anywhere. We help donors find direction to smart, approachable paths towards strategic generosity.

Our Community Partners

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