NAVIGATE Nonprofit Network Conference

Professional development for nonprofit board, staff, and volunteers

Tuesday, June 29, 2021 | 11:45am - 6:00pm | In-Person at the VBC North Hall
Doors will open at 11:15am

NAVIGATE Nonprofit Network Conference (formerly NPUHuntsville) is an annual event that provides the opportunity for nonprofit board members, staff, and volunteers to come together to learn from and strengthen each other as we navigate the challenges nonprofits are facing.

Join us in-person for NAVIGATE for high-quality professional development across a wide range of topics while also encouraging nonprofit leaders to connect and network with each other to discuss strategic efforts that will help their nonprofit thrive.

Participant Quote

My board of directors and I all attend different sessions and come together afterwards to share our takeaways. These annual learnings have directly influenced our organization's operations and strategic plan.

Fantasy Playhouse Children's Theater & Academy


Kristin Scroggin

Meet Your Guide and Keynote Speaker

Kristin Scroggin can't do math, or bake a pie, but she is VIRTUALLY masterful at helping nonprofits share their stories! Kristin has her Masters in Communication Studies, Bachelors in Communication Arts and has been a Communications Lecturer at the University of Alabama in Huntsville for 11 years. Her passion is generational diversity, and for the past five years she has spoken at conferences and organizations across the United States ranging from Fortune 500 companies to tiny nonprofits, about this vital topic.

Kristin joins us to help attendees from across the region NAVIGATE this conference while dropping tips to cultivate a sustainable, vibrant, multi-generational base with her "Tell Your Story" material which helps nonprofits tell their story to the community, to funders, and to potential employees and volunteers.

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      • Joe and Pam Alexander
      • Bridgeworth Wealth Management
      • Cintel, Inc.
      • Crestwood Medical Center
      • Dr. James and Violet Gilbert
      • Huntsville Hospital Foundation

      Course Catalog

      SESSION 1 | 1:00 PM - 2:10 PM

      BOARD GOVERNANCE "Nonprofit Governance: Nuts and Bolts" with Lauren Smith, Lanier Ford

      BUDGET AND FINANCE "Money Matters" with Beth Sippel, Synovus; Stewart Whitt, Bridgeworth Wealth Management; and Stephen Gunter, Bridgeworth Wealth Management

      BUILDING EFFECTIVE TEAMS *CLOSED: AT CAPACTITY* "Per My Last Email" with Shannon Drake, Leadership Greater Huntsville; Katelyn Sides Baker, Leadership Greater Huntsville; and Taralyn Caudle, Leadership Greater Huntsville

      CONNECTING COMMUNITY RESOURCES *CLOSED: AT CAPACTITY* "Collaborative Community Solutions for Homelessness" with Jennifer Geist, The Salvation Army; Patty Lowe, First Stop; Keith Overholt, Downtown Rescue Mission; and Missy Hanks, The ELM Foundation

      FUNDRAISING "The Importance of Retaining First-Time Donors (And How To Do It)" with Steven Shattuck, Bloomerang

      NONPROFIT 101: CONSTRUCTION ZONE "Laying the Foundation" with The Catalyst Crew Lisa Mays, JD; Sandy Edwards, CPA; Leigh Christian, and Holly Brockman

      NONPROFIT 401 "Taking it to the Next Level" with Chris Newlin, National Childrens Advocacy Center; Karen Mockensturm, Fantasy Playhouse Children's Theater and Academy; Mary Elizabeth Marr, Thrive; and Laura Huckabee-Jennings, Transcend

      OPERATIONS *CLOSED: AT CAPACTITY* "Don't Lose Your Spark!" with Kristina Minyard, HRecruit, LLC

      PUBLIC RELATIONS "Crisis Communications Planning 101: How Acting Now Can Save You Time, Money, and Stress" with Amanda Jarrett, National Children's Advocacy Center

      SESSION 2 | 2:25 PM - 3:35 PM

      BOARD GOVERNANCE "Boardsmanship Training" with John Allen, Committee of 100

      BUDGET AND FINANCE "Nonprofits by the Numbers" with Tim Hufford, Brand Blackwell & Co and Chuck Brand, Brand Blackwell & Co

      BUILDING EFFECTIVE TEAMS "Building Inclusive Teams" with Mary Ila Ward, Horizon Point Consulting, Inc.

      CONNECTING COMMUNITY RESOURCES "Case Management: Providing Supportive Services to Help Clients Succeed" with Harold Cannon, First Stop; Tanya Rains, New Futures; and Missy Hanks, The ELM Foundation

      FUNDRAISING "Diamonds in the Rough - Finding the Hidden Gems in Your Donor Database" with Steven Shattuck, Bloomerang

      NONPROFIT 101: CONSTRUCTION ZONE *CLOSED: AT CAPACTITY* "Building a Sound Structure" with The Catalyst Crew Lisa Mays, JD; Sandy Edwards, CPA; Leigh Christian, Holly Brockman; and Lauren Smith, Lanier Ford

      NONPROFIT 401 "How to Sustain It" with Sarah Savage-Jones, Huntsville Hospital Foundation; Dana Gillis, Transcend

      OPERATIONS *CLOSED: AT CAPACTITY* "Developing a Culture of Excellence" with Jermie Howell, Madison County Commission

      PUBLIC RELATIONS "Connecting During a Physically Disconnected Age" with Dr. Janet McMullen, University of North Alabama

      SESSION 3 | 3:50 PM - 5:00 PM

      BOARD GOVERNANCE Build an Award Winning Board (How to Identify, Select, Interview, Onboard, and Engage Your Board for Success)" with Kathi Tew, Liberty Learning Foundation

      BUDGET AND FINANCE "Real Numbers, Real Impact" with Matt Jones, Rockethatch

      BUILDING EFFECTIVE TEAMS "Thriving on Change: Leadership and Teambuilding in a Post-Pandemic World" with James Owens, Performance Strategies Group

      CONNECTING COMMUNITY RESOURCES "Pathway to Sustainability" with Jennie Robinson, The ELM Foundation; Fran Fluhler, Manna House; Elaine Dickson, Christian Job Corps; and Dale Jobes, Cintel Inc.

      FUNDRAISING "Nonprofit Videos (on a Budget) that Engage and Retain Donors" with Steven Shattuck, Bloomerang

      NONPROFIT 101: CONSTRUCTION ZONE "Putting it on the Market" with The Catalyst Crew Lisa Mays, JD, Sandy Edwards, CPA, Leigh Christian, and Holly Brockman

      NONPROFIT 401 *CLOSED: AT CAPACTITY* "Back to Basics: Reflecting on Servant Leadership" with Andrew Jennings, Transcend; Gia Giacomoni, Transcend

      OPERATIONS *CLOSED: AT CAPACTITY* "Employee Relations: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly" with Ramona Burroughs, The University of Alabama in Huntsville

      PUBLIC RELATIONS *CLOSED: AT CAPACTITY* "Talking to Millennials (How to Earn Their Time and Donations)" with Sarah Macaluso, Red Sage Communications, Inc.

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      In order to comply with the most recent COVID-19 recommended precautions, we have reduced event capacity to the first 400 registrants. In addition, a boxed lunch will be served as well as individually packaged snacks throughout the day. Masks are encouraged except when eating or drinking. Classrooms will be arranged theater-style with appropriate spacing between attendees.

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