Give 2

Local businesses engaging in community philanthropy

What is Give 2?

Give 2 is a program designed for restaurants, retailers, and business of all types who care about the greater Huntsville community and want to give back to our community in a way that is both collaborative and impactful. 

Give 2 Network members are identified with a Give 2 Badge that can be displayed at your establishment on the front door, on your menus, your website and business cards or other prominent places at your business. The Give 2 Badge signifies that your business is engaged in community philanthropy in a meaningful and strategic manner. Your customers will know that you care about our community and are giving back in a generous and impactful way by sharing your success with those in our community needing help. 

The Community Foundation of Greater Huntsville will recognize Give 2 Network partners on our website and in donor and sponsor materials related to the Give 2 program.

How it Works

To join the Give 2 Network, a business owner pledges to give 2% of net income each month to a special Give 2 program at the Community Foundation. Half of the donations will go into a Give 2 business fund named after your business to benefit a specific field of interest that aligns with your company’s values or interests. The other half will go to the Community Foundation’s Compass Endowment fund, where it will be pooled with donations from other Give 2 Network members and individual donors. Funds in the Compass Endowment are used to make high-impact grants each year to address the greatest needs of our community. 

The Give 2 member decides how and when to distribute the funds that accumulate in your Give 2 business fund through a grant (donation) from your fund to any local 501(c)(3) charity. The standard minimum annual fee for a corporate giving fund will be waived for the first year, to allow your fund to grow as you ramp up your Give 2 program.

How to Get Involved

Contact to discuss how your business can participate in this new and innovative program by joining the Give 2 Network, and be recognized as a leader in strategic community philanthropy. 

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