Five Ways to Use Data to Maximize Your Charitable Giving

Huntsville is a data-driven town . . . always has been and always will be.  Therefore, it’s no surprise that donors in our area are interested...
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Why Donor Advised Funds Are Good for the Nonprofit Sector

There is a lot of conversation about donor advised funds and whether they are “good” for society in general and the nonprofit sector more specifically.  Here...
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Three Ways to Turbo-Charge Your Year-End Giving

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, which means the season of giving is upon us.  As you make plans for your 2021 charitable donations, here are...
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The Gift That Keeps Giving

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I have the privilege of working with donors who want to be generous and who want to leave a lasting legacy for our community.  One of...
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3 Reasons a Stock Gift May Be the Smartest Donation You Can Make Right Now

Although it’s had its ups and downs, the stock market is trading at record highs.  That means many donors may have significant appreciated assets in their...
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Five Lessons I Learned from Peter Kageyama’s For the Love of Cities

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Five Lessons I Learned from Peter Kageyama’s For the Love of Cities by Melissa Thompson, CEO/President of Community Foundation of Greater Huntsville   The love affair...
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Legacy Spotlight: Lowe Grandchildren Generosity

Writing Letter
A legacy of sharing is one of our multi-generational family goals. One way we live out our legacy of sharing is an annual family experience when...
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The Path To Personal Stewardship

My inspiration for ‘giving back’ to the community comes from the many needs I see every day in and around the Greater Huntsville area.  Seeing these...
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Live Every Day as a Hero

By Wayne Olson What would it be like to live every day knowing you are a hero? Not just one day or a day every once...
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Improve Your Impact Through Planned Giving

Improve Your Impact Through Planned Giving By Wayne Olson When people think about fundraising, they often turn to events such as balls, galas, walks or runs....
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A Legacy Of Sharing

A legacy of sharing is one of our multi-generational family goals.  It began with Patty’s mother, a pioneer in public school financial management education. It’s rooted...
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Creating Smart Solutions

The Huntsville area provides a great quality of life, particularly for those dedicated to the arts and education. My husband John and I wanted to provide...
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Making A Lasting Impact

Our community is fortunate to have many great organizations that  improve quality of life for today and for future generations. Before we created our donor advised...
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Streamlining Our Philanthropy

It is our moral and social responsibility to be active participants and supporters of our community. The Huntsville community has been great to my family and...
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Impact Through Connections

Supporting organizations that impact and enrich Huntsville and Madison County gives donors a better sense of community. The Community Foundation helps each of us reach our...
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Funding Our Passion

My siblings and I are proof of what education can do to propel a family forward. My learning experience shaped me and made education my lifelong...
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Leading Change Through Giving

There is a great sense of fulfillment that comes with knowing that when I had a chance to make a difference, I took that step. My...
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