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Journeys in giving can start anywhere. We love to share stories from donors who partnered with the Community Foundation of Greater Huntsville to develop their path for charitable giving. Our job is to guide you on the path to philanthropy. We help donors find direction to smart, approachable paths towards strategic giving.

A Legacy Of Sharing

A legacy of sharing is one of our multi-generational family goals.  It began with Patty’s mother, a pioneer in public school financial management education. It’s rooted in our family’s agrarian cultural values that encourage going beyond tithing and sharing one’s home and harvest with others in need.  When we married, the lifestyle of sharing naturally became the foundation of our family values. It shaped our plan for legacy stewardship as our family expanded from children to grandchildren and beyond. 

One way we live out our legacy of sharing is an annual family experience when each grandchild is given opportunity to choose a non-profit or ministry about which he or she cares deeply and/or volunteers.  Each grandchild writes a letter to the organization, explaining his/her interest and experience with the services it provides. We include a  monetary contribution from our donor advised fund. When our family gathers on Christmas Day, our most anticipated tradition is listening to each grandchild tell about his/her choice of philanthropic giving.

The Community Foundation has helped us develop our legacy of sharing in many ways.  One important resource is the organization’s website. It’s a great resource for expanding our family’s knowledge about the mission and goals of the many nonprofit organizations and ministries serving Madison County. 

As years go by, generations of our family will continue our legacy of sharing by giving with excitement to organizations with missions for which family members have passion. Today, we are grateful for the many services of the Community Foundation and for its positive impact on Huntsville’s quality of life for all.

Mike and Patty Lowe 

A donor advised fund is a great mechanism to instill family values and to inspire philanthropy among multiple generations in a family. The Community Foundation works with families to design a giving plan that works for them. We manage over 140 giving funds for families and corporations. We assist donors in accomplishing their charitable objectives by introducing them to agencies or programs that align with their passions. Nearly 80% of our donor-directed grants stay in Madison County.

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