Donor Stories

Journeys in giving can start anywhere. We love to share stories from donors who partnered with the Community Foundation of Greater Huntsville to develop their path for charitable giving. Our job is to guide you on the path to philanthropy. We help donors find direction to smart, approachable paths towards strategic giving.

Funding Our Passion

My siblings and I are proof of what education can do to propel a family forward. My learning experience shaped me and made education my lifelong passion. The Community Foundation allowed my husband Jack and me to quickly convert a property donation into a fund that allowed us to address both our personal financial and philanthropic goals.

The team at the Community Foundation was extremely responsive, expertly navigating the process and helping us meet our end-of-year tax goals. The Community Foundation’s support and guidance ensured the donation process was completed very quickly. They enabled us to make our philanthropy goals a reality.

Today, our fund advances the missions of education-based organizations like St. John Paul II Catholic High School, which develops young people into productive citizens in our community by developing the whole person: mind, body, and spirit.

Irma Tuder

The Community Foundation fast-tracked the process and documentation for the donation of out-of-state property for the Tuder family. We administered all aspects of the sale of the property, including working with the real estate agent, the attorneys, and the inspectors. The Tuders reaped many tax advantages by donating appreciated property, including a reduction in capital gains liability and a tax deduction within the year. We simplified a complex financial transaction and helped the Tuders direct the proceeds of the sale into a fund that met their philanthropic goals too. 

Leading Change Through Giving

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