Donor Stories

Journeys in giving can start anywhere. We love to share stories from donors who partnered with the Community Foundation of Greater Huntsville to develop their path for charitable giving. Our job is to guide you on the path to philanthropy. We help donors find direction to smart, approachable paths towards strategic giving.

Leading Change Through Giving

There is a great sense of fulfillment that comes with knowing that when I had a chance to make a difference, I took that step. My philanthropic goals are centered on improving quality of life in our community and thus helping the families and companies that support Redstone Arsenal. The Community Foundation helped me to connect with multiple nonprofit organizations that advance quality of life initiatives throughout the entire Greater Huntsville area. As a result, I see more families choose to live and work in our community and support critical work on the base. 

The Community Foundation provided resources, recommendations, and giving opportunities that encourage the missions of worthy nonprofit organizations focused on expanding Huntsville area tourism, improving quality of life for those who are in need, and enhancing education to maximize our students’ potential.

Today, I am able to support diverse causes with great flexibility. I’m able to see the impact of each gift and new opportunities to make a difference.

Jan Smith

Impact Through Connections
Funding Our Passion

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