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Journeys in giving can start anywhere. We love to share stories from donors who partnered with the Community Foundation of Greater Huntsville to develop their path for charitable giving. Our job is to guide you on the path to philanthropy. We help donors find direction to smart, approachable paths towards strategic giving.

Streamlining Our Philanthropy

It is our moral and social responsibility to be active participants and supporters of our community. The Huntsville community has been great to my family and we are committed to giving back to others in need. We want to support Huntsville’s legacy as a community committed to education, science, exploration, research, discovery, arts, music and conservation.  We admire the volunteers and community activists who devote their life to worthy causes and work tirelessly to assist our citizens. We’re inspired by the work of many, so my wife Cynthia and I supported a broad range of local charities and events.

After years of managing our giving on our own, we streamlined our giving by working with the Community Foundation of Greater Huntsville. The Community Foundation provides a convenient and structured mechanism to facilitate and manage our philanthropic goals.  Centralizing our philanthropic activities in one place makes it so easy to manage.

The Community Foundation uses an online portal to facilitate the structure and administration of our donor-advised grants. We entrust the Community Foundation to ensure compliance, to maintain recordkeeping and to administer planned giving to our grant recipients. Overall, we’re able to help a tremendous number of organizations and doing so has become tremendously simple. The Community Foundation streamlined our philanthropy, and it made it more effective.

The Community Foundation conducts research to determine what our community most needs and provide tools to match our giving goals with the areas of greatest needs.

Our hope is that our philanthropic efforts contribute to the health, well-being, and education of our community. We want Huntsville to be known as a community that cares. Cynthia and I are confident that the work done by the Community Foundation and its members will serve as an example to our children and future generations of the societal benefits of philanthropy.

Rey Almodóvar 

In addition to helping the Almodóvars set up their donor advised fund, the Community Foundation continues to serve as a resource for continued giving. Each year, the Almodóvars donate cash or appreciated securities to fund their anticipated charitable giving for the year.  They only have to keep one tax receipt, and we administer the record-keeping, match making and gift administration. The Community Foundation ensures that the charities selected for grants are in good standing with the IRS, and we protect the Almodovars’ tax exemption.  We make giving risk-free and easy.

Making A Lasting Impact
Impact Through Connections

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