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Invest in our nonprofit community

In our community, we have a wealth of very important and worthwhile charitable organizations. Over time, our community's needs and opportunities change, and nonprofit organizations have emerged and grown in large numbers to address these issues head-on. The number of nonprofit organizations and churches serving Madison County is estimated to be higher than 1,000 organizations. Whether your organization is just emerging or has deep roots in our region, we want to partner with you to increase your impact in our community.

Agency Funds

Guidance to better secure their financial future for nonprofits.

Nonprofit Directory

Nonprofit Directory contains the 501(c)(3) organizations serving the Greater Huntsville community.

Grant Opportunities

Available grant opportunities linked to a company or organization's website.

NAVIGATE Nonprofit Network

Professional development for nonprofit board, staff, and volunteers.

Our Mission

Our mission is to mobilize generosity to improve the quality of life in our community. We believe that when we invest in our nonprofit community, that investment can reap huge dividends. One of the key ways to achieve this is to support existing, local nonprofit organizations. We are committed to supplying nonprofit organizations in our region the information and resources they need to operate in an efficient and effective manner.

Download Agency Fundholder Seal

Nonprofit Agency Fundholders receive a Community Partnership Seal. We encourage you to use this seal where suitable. (Example uses include email signatures, organization websites, organization publications, etc.) If it is necessary to resize our logo, please resize keeping dimensions proportionately intact. Right click and "Save As" the adjacent logo.

Nonprofit Support

  • We make grants of financial support directly to nonprofit organizations on behalf of our donors through their donor advised funds, and solicit grant applications for specific competitive program opportunities using funds from our funds and endowments.

  • We work to build capacity in the nonprofit community by presenting an annual collaborative training event to provide professional development for nonprofit boards, staff, and volunteers.

  • We partner with nonprofit organizations who want to establish nonprofit funds at the Community Foundation to better secure their financial future.

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