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Generosity + Strategy = Philanthropy

Our community is one built on dreams of what the world might look like when we come together to accomplish a goal. At our core, we are a city of dreamers… of innovators… of visionaries.

Whether it is involves putting a man on the moon, being on the cutting edge of technology to defend our country, or unlocking the mysteries that are bound within our DNA, we have proven that no challenge is too great when we work together to solve it.

At the Community Foundation of Greater Huntsville, we believe that the best is yet to come. Our dream is that our community will come together and will use this same spirit of passion and innovation to solve our most critical challenges affecting our quality of life. And we are working hard to make dreams for a better future come true through the power of generosity.

Philanthropic Societies

  • Compass Society

    The Compass Society is established for "the love of Huntsville" and serves as a catalyst for Huntsville's future by implementing strategic, visionary projects that will have a significant and sustainable impact on quality of life. This fund is intended to inspire strategic solutions to our community's most pressing problems, and guide our community to a bright future utilizing both current year grantmaking and an endowment to grow a legacy for our commmunity.

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  • Give256
    give256 unites, encourages, and informs emerging philanthropists to make a collective impact on Greater Huntsville. This innovative program allows members to pool their money and make a positive impact on our community. Formed in 2017, give256 was created by a group of community leaders and the Community Foundation of Greater Huntsville.
  • Legacy Society
    For those that love this community and want to be intentional about the legacy they will leave for the organizations and causes they love. Legacy planning is a simple, powerful way to create a lasting impact in your journey in giving.

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  • Women’s Philanthropy Society

    Created by women for women, the Women's Philanthropy Society is creating a legacy of love - an enduring gift for generations to come - across a broad spectrum of issues impacting our community's quality of life.

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  • Community Partners

    Our Community Partners lead our community through philanthropy, volunteerism, and community engagement. Community Partners share in our mission to improve the quality of life in our community through philanthropy by investing in the Community Foundation’s work to build the capacity of our local nonprofits, convene local leaders to address our community’s most critical issues, and nurture a philanthropic spirit that improves the quality of life across a broad spectrum of issues in the place we call “home.”

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  • Digital Inclusion Fund
    The Community Foundation of Greater Huntsville launched the Digital Inclusion Fund to support digital inclusion efforts in the City of Huntsville. With seed funding provided by Google Fiber, the fund grants programs supporting high-impact programs that will make internet access and digital education available to those currently without access to those resources.

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  • Corporate Sponsors
    A sponsorship with the Community Foundation is furthering the vision to make our great community even better. Each event seeks to improve quality of life in our community through generosity and inspiring others to do the same. Our audience of donors and community leaders reaches over 5,000 in emarketing communications, over 1,200 in annual event attendees, and over 8,500 in monthly social media reach.

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  • Racial Equity Fund
    Generosity is an investment in the future you wish to see. Individuals, families, and companies that donate $5,000 or more annual become Racial Equity Fund Sustaining Donors and provide community capital to address equity issues in our community.


  • Corporate Giving Network (CGN)

    The Community Foundation's Corporate Giving Network is a professional network of business associates within the Greater Huntsville area who engage in corporate philanthropy and/or community relations with the purpose of growing generosity in our region by inspiring and supporting corporations in their philanthropic efforts.

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  • Philanthropic Advisors Network (PAN)
    Created to grow generosity in our region by inspiring and supporting professional advisors that help clients create charitable giving plans that strengthen their families and communities.

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Donor-Directed Giving

  • Collective Impact Opportunities

    Join like-minded citizens, leaders, and philanthropists who believe in the power of collective giving to generate positive change in our community today. These funds offer a path to connect with immediate projects and initiatives that strategically shape the path of our community today and position us for a stronger tomorrow.

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  • Corporate Giving Funds
    A Corporate Giving Fund is a convenient, flexible way for your business to show it cares about its local community and to build awareness about community needs.

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  • Donor advised funds

    Donor advised funds are charitable giving accounts. They are flexible tools for individuals, families, businesses, or groups who want to be personally involved in making grants to nonprofits, churches, or government entities; and provide privacy or anonymity if desired.

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In its simplest form, generosity is an investment in our dreams for future generations. Our goal is to help you be generous however that looks for you.

We guide donors on a journey in giving to more effectively invest their resources in the strategic solutions that are improving quality of life both now and forever. Our vision is to make our great community even better through generosity and to inspire others to do the same.

The future is bright, when we go there together.

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