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Community Catalyst Funds

Community Catalyst Funds LogoJoin likeminded citizens, leaders and philanthropists who believe in the power of collective giving to generate positive change in our community today. The Community Catalyst Funds offer a path to connect with immediate projects and initiatives within broad areas of interest.  These funds strategically shape the path of our community today and to position us for a stronger tomorrow.

At the heart of the Community Catalyst Funds is the Catalyst Endowment, which is a permanent source of community capital to address community needs across all areas of our community’s Quality of Life. As our community’s needs change, so do the programs we support. An unrestricted gift to the Catalyst Endowment allows you to support a broad range of present and emerging needs in our community. For more information about the Catalyst Endowment, click here.

Begin your journey by exploring our Quality of Life Framework  for our regional community. As you identify the areas that you’re most passionate about, the Community Foundation can help guide you to the opportunities that meet your philanthropic goals. As a result of your investment, you can move the needle on key community Vital Signs.

Basic Needs

Basic Needs Fund Supports the well-being of all citizens in our community by providing access to basic needs such as food, shelter, jobs, family support and animal welfare services.

Health & Wellness

  • Health and Wellness Fund Promotes community-wide wellness and health by supporting efforts to reduce obesity and smoking and encouraging an active lifestyle
  • Crestwood Women & Families Fund Awarding high-impact grants to organizations and projects that address the issues and meet the immediate needs of women and families in our community


  • Education Fund Invests in the future of our community by supporting early childhood development, student achievement, college and career readiness, and the success of our educational system
  • CAP & GOWN Project Fund Provides resources to guide children from low-income homes through college tours, admissions counseling, and college entrance exam preparation to enhance their access to college


Lifestyle Fund Promotes access to arts, culture, and lifestyle experiences and celebrates diversity by supporting the arts, promoting enjoyment of our community’s outdoor recreational opportunities and ensuring access to public libraries

Neighborhood & Communities

Neighborhood & Communities Fund Supports a vibrant and inclusive community by fostering civic engagement and community redevelopment


  • Economy Fund Develops an entrepreneurial eco-system by equipping our entrepreneurs and innovators to create and launch businesses and providing job growth for a diverse workforce
  • Committee of 100's Creative Cities Fund Established by the Huntsville Committee of 100, this fund creates a culture of innovation in economic development and public education by developing cooperative solutions to local issues.


Environment Fund Ensures access to clean air, water, and recreational areas by protecting our community’s natural resources, encouraging sustainable development, and reducing our community’s energy consumption

Emergency Relief

Emergency Response Fund Prepares our community for disasters by encouraging disaster preparedness and participating in emergency response and recovery efforts in the region which provided disaster relief following the tornadoes of 2011

The Community Catalyst Funds are different from individual giving options because they:

  • Group gifts from donors who are interested in making an impact in a shared area of interest.
  • Are entrusted to the staff, Board of Directors and appointed committees of the Community Foundation for evaluating needs and administering the grant making process.