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Donor Stories

Journeys in giving can start anywhere. We love to share stories from donors who partnered with the Community Foundation of Greater Huntsville to develop their path for charitable giving. Our job is to guide you on the path to philanthropy. We help donors find direction to smart, approachable paths towards strategic giving.
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The Path To Personal Stewardship

My inspiration for ‘giving back’ to the community comes from the many needs I see every day in and around the Greater Huntsville area.  Seeing these needs in our community confirms my belief that each one of us is called to serve and to use our talents and resources for the benefit of others - whether as volunteers or as financial supporters for those in need. As a co-founder of Village of Promise, I see first-hand the challenges of low-income families. That’s why I answered a call to help break the cycle of poverty one neighborhood at a time. Now, as a member of the Community Foundation’s Board of Directors, I see great value in how the organization helps to build capacity in our local nonprofits, from the smallest start-up to well-established nonprofit organizations.

I utilize a donor advised fund at the Community Foundation to organize and simplify my charitable giving.  Over and above the convenience of this fund, I value the role of the Community Foundation as a matchmaker – connecting people who care with those in great need.  The Community Foundation helped me become more strategic with my philanthropy. I recognize how their collaborative giving programs allow me to maximize the impact of my giving by combining my gift with other like-minded people who work together to improve the quality of life in our community.

Bobby Bradley

An important part of the Community Foundation’s mission involves working with our nonprofit community to help them become more financially sustainable. We create Agency and Endowment Funds and provide opportunities for professional development and networking with peers. 

The Community Foundation and our fundholders have made grants totaling more than $10 million to over 400 nonprofit agencies since our inception in 2009.

A Legacy Of Sharing