Get-A-Way Skatepark at John Hunt Park

Skatepark concepts created by Tim Payne of Team Pain Skateparks

A cutting-edge sports complex is under construction at John Hunt Park in the three-acre site between Kids Space and the championship soccer fields in Huntsville, Alabama. This innovative skatepark will challenge skaters, from professional to novice. The facility will be world-class and include supporting facilities such as restrooms, pavilions, sunshades, lighting, landscaping and expanded parking.

John Hunt Skatepark Media Event

A Huntsville donor, who wishes to remain anonymous, contributed a $1 million lead donation. Working in partnership with the Community Foundation of Greater Huntsville, and fueled by this lead investment, an account has been established to continue fundraising to support the total cost of the project, expected to be about $6.3 million.



The Greater Huntsville is growing quickly as more and more people come to recognize all of the great things happening in our area.  With this growth comes opportunity.  The Community Foundation mobilizes generosity to improve quality of life in the eight quality of life sectors which includes recreation.

Help us bring this world-class outdoor recreation facility to our community! Our fundraising goal is $500,000, and your donation matters.

Community Foundation donors may make an interfund transfer from donor advised fund.

Press Releases

Track the progress of the skatepark project at John Hunt Park in Huntsville, Alabama by exploring the press releases released by the City of Huntsville.

Public Input Meeting Results

Explore the results of the three public input meetings hosted by Team Pain. The first two meetings were held online on April 20 and June 17, 2021 and sought community feedback on the skatepark design elements. The final meeting held both in-person and online on November 3, 2021 revealed the final renderings.

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The City of Huntsville and Community Foundation team will work directly with The Skatepark Project, Tony Hawk's national skatepark advocacy charity, to ensure the project is completed efficiently and up to contemporary standards.  It will incorporate elements of the historic Get-A-Way Skatepark (shown below) and offer areas dedicated to both Olympic and street-style skateboarding.

"The Huntsville skatepark was one of the most legendary parks on the east coast because of its unique design. It's exciting to see some of the original elements in the new plans, so we can share how it felt riding those revolutionary parks as young adults with a new generation. We hope to see more cities following the lead that Huntsville is setting, working with their community to share their history and memorializing the iconic Get-A-Way Skatepark for the world!" -TONY HAWK

Tony Hawk's charitable foundation The Skatepark Project has awarded a $10,000 grant to the John Hunt Skatepark Project.

For the anonymous lead donor, having spent formative years enjoying the former Get-A-Way Skatepark on Leeman Ferry Road, the goal is for others to have the opportunity for physical fitness and to learn important life lessons. “Skateboarding is not easy…you have to fall a lot,” said the donor. “I used the focus and dedication harnessed from my skateboarding experiences throughout my business life, understanding you have to be dedicated and work hard to succeed; and you have to learn to fall and get back up.”

Get-A-Way Skatepark opened in July 1979 and featured a baby pool, 13-foot keyhole, 3/4 pipe, and snake run, earning it recognition as one of the best parks in the country.

Photo credit: SkateAlabama

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